Graduates who join our programmes can make a significant contribution to our global vision. Our success is driven by our people and hiring graduates has been, and will continue to be a very important element to our strategy.

Our graduate programme can set you on a career path for life; it's all about being proactive, responsible, innovative and result driven. It is designed to shape future leaders who will drive success.

  • Graduate Management Trainee Scheme: Lasts up to 18-months, and during this time graduates have the opportunity to work on projects including General Business Management alongside specialist disciplines such as Category Management, Operations, Sales, Marketing, Ecommerce, IT, Finance & HR.
  • Graduate Programme: This programme will last up to 6-months giving you more knowledge in specialised areas such as Marketing, Ecommerce, Category Management, Supply Chain, Distribution Centre, Contact Centre, IT, Finance & HR. you will be able to develop skills in order to become an expert in one of the aforementioned areas.
  • Placement Year / Work Experience: An opportunity for any undergraduate to spend anything from a couple of months to a full year gaining valuable experience during your time at university. You will learn and work alongside a profession to give you a better idea about what it is you enjoy and what you want to.
  • Induction: One full month across all departments experiencing the day-to-day job with tasks to complete in order to get a better understanding of the key responsibilities of every department.
  • Training & Development: Throughout your programme, you will have bespoke technical and leadership development training to help you be your very best.
  • Support: You will have a mentor, line manager and a buddy who will help you through your programme, guide and challenge you.

You will have gained a 2:1 in a business / IT related degree or be able to demonstrate general aptitude, with a strong desire to develop and learn new skills during the programmes.

  • Team player
  • Relationship builder
  • Motivated
  • Problem solver
  • Organised & Planning
  • Critical thinker
  • Driven & determined
  • Enthusiastic
  • Creative innovator

At IronmongeryDirect, we’re used to working efficiently and quickly. Therefore, our recruitment process is straightforward with four stages. You will always receive an outcome from us at every stage of the recruitment process.

4 Stages
Stage One - Online Application
Firstly, you will need to submit your online application using the link below. This involves uploading your CV and a cover letter so that we can learn more about you, your studies, any work experience you have and the reason you chose our company. Once submitted, your application will then be screened by one of our recruiters.
Stage Two - Telephone Interview
If your application is successful at the first stage, you’ll be asked to take part in a short telephone interview. One of the recruiters will send you more information regarding the date and time. The structure of the discussion is designed so that we get to know more about you.
Stage Three - Online Assessments
If your telephone interview is successful, you’ll be asked to complete a verbal, numerical and logical reasoning test which will take about 35 minutes to complete.
Stage Four - Assessment Centre

If that goes well, you will be invited to an Assessment Centre in our offices. This is a two-way process, giving you the opportunity to see if this is the right environment and job role for you, as well as us getting to know you a little better.

A group exercise, presentation and final interview will take place to ensure that you are the right candidate and give you a feel for the business area. You will have the chance to meet other graduates and ask questions, learn more about the role, the programme etc. You can even ask what it’s like to live in the local area.

Olatz Iriondo Illaramendi

We have finished university, but we certainly haven’t stopped learning!

My first few weeks were full of new information – an induction on each department, new ways of working and so much to learn about the business. But everyone was very sympathetic and helpful, always making sure I was doing okay. My mentor kept saying to me “ask everything, there are no silly questions!”

After the induction, I was tasked with carrying out different projects into areas of our business which needed focus and attention, and then develop a delivery plan and implement it. Challenging tasks but I must say they were brilliant and I learnt so much and built on a number of skills in every single one of them. On each project, I have worked together with the line director and I have had my mentor always challenging and supporting me.

My managers have always been very focused on my development and they make sure I am working in exciting and challenging projects, so I am always learning. They are very approachable and we have a very good working relationship, I was really not expecting the level of involvement from the company but it is something I am very grateful for. In this company you can get a very good career if you work for it, you are passionate and eager to learn.

I am from abroad, so this is my new family now. We organise plenty of social events and we always have so much fun together. My colleagues are great and they make me smile every day.

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Dimitra Koutsochera

I started at IronmongeryDirect as a graduate management trainee. Across the 18 month graduate scheme, I had the opportunity to work across all areas of the business, giving me a solid understanding of the IDL business model. It allowed me to successfully manage projects in general business management, operations, product management, marketing and IT areas. Completion of projects was followed by a presentation to the management team which turned to be both challenging and valuable for my personal progress helping me to think strategically.

I enjoy coming into the office every morning because the atmosphere here is friendly and I know every employee will support each other. There are many experienced people who will help you learn new skills and guide you all the way through. It is an environment that encourages young professionals to develop and widen their skill set. As a graduate, taking full responsibility of projects has played an important role to my personal development.

Moving from abroad to work for IronmongeryDirect was a decision which is being proven to be right every single day and makes me both a better employee and person.

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Michael Tomlinson

When I left university I was unsure of the career path I wanted to take. The big appeal of IronmongeryDirects scheme was being able to manage projects in different departments. This developed my understanding of the path I wanted my career to follow. The skills I learnt during my time at IDL have become fundamental to my career and I developed both at work and socially.

Read Temitope's story
Temitop Abolurin

When I started working at IronmongeryDirectas a Graduate Management Trainee, I had to relocate which was a big step for me but the company was very helpful making sure I was comfortable and they also helped with start-up maintenance.

During my induction I had the opportunity to work with various departments across the business like Product Management, Marketing, Ecommerce, IT, Finance, Inventory and Supply Chain. This helped me to understand what each department does and I got to know the business as a whole. Although coming from the University I knew what I wanted for a career, Ironmongery Direct helped me even more in choosing the right career path for myself. The Managers and board of directors have always been there to point me towards the right direction.

After my induction I began to work on my project and also get an in depth knowledge of the department by helping my team members out with their daily activities. My Manager and Mentor has really been helping with my personal development, giving me challenging tasks, and I ask questions whenever I’m unsure of anything. So far it has been an interesting and challenging journey, and I am very happy to be here.

Read Huzayfah's story
Huzayfah Bukhat

I started at IronmongeryDirect as a graduate management trainee. During the induction period, I was able to spend time in each area of the business in order to carefully understand the business model. After the induction, I was provided with a variety of projects which would be both interesting and exciting. These projects helped me progress my career and develop an enhanced skill-set. Throughout the scheme I have faced exciting new challenges which has shaped me as a manager enabling me to continuously develop my skill set and see the business with a new pair of eyes!

In addition to meeting my line manager, I also had the chance to interact with the directors of the company. The board members became my mentors during my training path, including the Managing Director with whom I had weekly 1-2-1 sessions with, which are extremely beneficial and helped me as a graduate to think about both the project and the company in a new and different way.

Here at Ironmongery Direct, we are all one big family which means coming to work is fun! The office might be where things get done, but it’s also where co-workers become friends.

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Note to recruiters: Our recruiters know exactly who we are looking for, and therefore we don’t consider speculative CVs from agencies to any of our team. When we do need to use external recruitment partners, we’ll choose from our pre-selected list. If you choose to send us unsolicited CVs, we reserve the right to contact submitted candidates directly without payment or agency fee.